The Importance of Giving the Dr. Your Medical History as a New Patient

“Malpractice” - improper, illegal, or negligent professional activity or treatment, especially by a medical practitioner, lawyer, or public official. When we think of the word “malpractice,” we usually think about hospitals and surgeons, but those who are in the dental industry are just as capable of making poor decisions when it comes to the care [...]

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Reporting Dental Malpractice

Dental Malpractice May Be Painfully Underreported | Reporting Dental Malpractice Dental malpractice cases are often unreported because patients may not understand Reporting Dental Malpractice will make a difference.   Insurance companies that represent dentists do not release details about cases or statistics to the general public. The statute of limitations also limits the amount of time a [...]

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How to Know if You’ve Been the Victim of Dental Malpractice

The world is imperfect, and so are the people who live in it. No matter how many hours a person spends training to perfect their craft, or how much money they spend to become an “expert” in their field, even the most intense training, practice, and polishing of a certain expertise, comes with flaws and [...]

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