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Cosmetic Dentistry Gone Wrong: When To Seek a Dental Malpractice Lawyer

You want to enhance your smile and perhaps take a few years off your appearance. You may decide to have a cosmetic dental procedure. To your surprise, however, instead of that perfect, youthful smile you’ve always wanted, you’re now wracked with constant, debilitating discomfort and a beautiful smile that is fleeting. Your cosmetic dental procedure [...]

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Wisdom Teeth Malpractice: How to Know Something Is Wrong

If you need to get your wisdom teeth extracted, or have gotten your wisdom teeth extracted, in order to preserve the look and health of your mouth, you’re not alone. In fact, many patients get their wisdom teeth pulled out. The commonality and frequency of the wisdom teeth extraction procedure has made it a fairly [...]

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Most Common Dental Malpractice Issues

Going to the dentist for a routine check-up can be nerve-wracking for many people. Now imagine if something went horribly wrong with a routine procedure or even a major one? There is not only physical pain and injury, but there is also emotional and psychological harm that can result. While major dental accidents are rare [...]

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Malpractice Lawsuits: Vocabulary

Brown Gavel With Medical Stethoscope Near Book At Wooden Desk In Courtroom If you’ve ever been wrongfully injured by your medical practitioner and have met all the necessary requirements for a medical or dental malpractice lawsuit, the idea of going through the entire process can still seem a little overwhelming to anyone who [...]

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History of Medical Malpractice in the US

The concept of medical malpractice has been around for thousands of years. In fact, one of the oldest, longest legal writings in the world, Hammurabi’s Code, was on medical malpractice. This Babylonian legal code dates back to 1792 BC and has more than 280 laws.  Hammurabi’s Code stated the responsibility of the doctor to care [...]

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Malpractice Law Suits: Finding Help

Being the victim of medical or dental malpractice is every patient's worst nightmare. Not only is there the physical pain and discomfort as well as the possibility of disability, there is potentially a lengthy, costly and possibly unsuccessful lawsuit that will follow. This is why it is important to hire an experienced malpractice lawyer. Ways [...]

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Examples of Successful Malpractice Lawsuits

While doctors are held liable for the lives and well-being of their patients, only certain circumstances warrant a valid malpractice claim. Even if you have a case against your dentist or doctor, it can be difficult to win a malpractice lawsuit. Many cases yield favorable results to the defendant (the doctor) and not the patient. [...]

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Dental Malpractice Law Suits: The Basics

Do you think that your dentist went above and beyond their scope of proper treatment for your dental issue, causing you unnecessary and unexpected harm? Has this harm has gone on to affect your overall wellbeing and quality of life? If so, you have most likely met the requirements to prove a dental malpractice case: [...]

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Lingual Nerve Damage

You have trouble tasting food and speaking clearly. Your tongue has felt numb and sometimes painful. You may have experienced similar sensations and effects to your chin and bottom lip. You’ve suffered psychologically, socially and physically, reducing your quality of life. You may have lingual nerve damage. What is the Lingual Nerve? The lingual nerve [...]

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Oral Cancer Awareness Month: Were You Accurately Diagnosed?

April is Oral Cancer Awareness month. Throughout the month dentists, doctors, and other community groups will bring awareness of this often fatal, yet treatable disease. According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, “Close to 49,750 Americans will be diagnosed with oral oropharyngeal cancer this year. It will cause over 9,750 deaths, killing roughly 1 person per [...]

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