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Poor Bridgework Dental Malpractice in New York

For Dental Patients Suffering from the Effects of Poor Bridgework Dental Malpractice in New York, an Attorney Can Help Dental restorations help bring back a person's ability to eat, smile, and talk without any discomfort. However, dentists who provide poor bridgework can cause added pain, aggravation, and cost to their patients. In New York, an [...]

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Do I need a Step Parent Adoption if I’m married?

  Do I have to go through a Step Parent Adoption if I am married? I get this question more than any other; marriage equality was a long fought battle and a much celebrated victory for gay and lesbian couples across the country. Now that it is the law of the land, many people mistakenly [...]

Undiagnosed Dental Tumors

  How a New York Attorney Can Help Victims of Undiagnosed Dental Tumors Undiagnosed and untreated premalignant cysts or lesions in the mouth can become malignant and develop into more serious health problems. Patients with painful sores, lumps, or ulcers in their mouth can visit the dentist for early detection and treatment of dental tumors. [...]

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