Dental Malpractice-New York

Have you been the Victim of Dental Malpractice? Dental malpractice includes, among other things: improper root canal treatment; improper removal of teeth; a failure to or delay in diagnosing tumors; improper placement of dental implants; improperly performed surgery; the improper administration of anesthetic; or the improper fabrication of dental bridges and crowns. Damages that may result from dental malpractice include lingual nerve or inferior alveolar nerve damage; trigeminal neuralgia; paraesthesia; loss of teeth; the need to replace the crown or bridgework that a dentist had placed you may be entitled to compensatory damages to correct your problems, as well as for your pain and suffering. There are strict time limitations on dental malpractice cases, so if you think you have a valid claim, please call or email us today for a free consultation.

Dental Nerve Injuries: Lingual and Inferior Alveolar Nerve Injuries

Did my Dentist cause a  Dental Nerve Injury?
Permanent nerve  injuries can be caused by tooth extraction, root canals or  jaw fractures.  If you have suffered a Lingual Nerve or Inferior Alveolar Nerve injury because of Dental treatment Call our office (516)599-2020 or Email us at


If you sustain a lingual nerve or inferior alveolar nerve injury you should contact a neurosurgeon familiar with treating these injuries as soon as possible since the faster treatment begins the better the chance of recovery.

Orthodontic Treatment

After years of having Braces I am going to  lose my teeth?  Unfortunately, this occurs when dentist don’t pay close enough attention to their treatment.

Root Resorption


Severe root resorption is very difficult to treat and often requires the extraction of teeth and replacement with an implant and a crown. An orthodontist should take pre-operative x-rays to determine the likelihood of root resorption and should take periodic x-rays to determine if there is any root resorption as a result of the orthodontic treatment.  If you are losing teeth after orthodontic treatment Call our office (516)599-2020 or Email us at

Crowns and Bridgework
My crowns and bridges keep falling out?  This can be a sign of Dental Malpractice.  Crowns and Bridges should last for five or more years.  They may fail for a number of reasons.  If you have failing crowns or bridgework Call our office (516)599-2020 or Email us at
Here are some reasons Crowns and Bridges fail that may constitute Dental Malpractice
Open Margin

My new dentist said my crowns have open margins, is that malpractice? A common error is cementing a crowns or veneers with unsealed margins that subsequently leaks and traps bacterial plaque with resulting decay and/or periodontal gum disease. Open margins leave teeth susceptible to decay.


Crowns should replicate the natural tooth being restored. If the crown is larger than the natural tooth it will trap bacteria which can cause decay or periodontal gum disease.

Symptoms of overcontour include bleeding gums around the crown or darkening of the gum margin around the crowns . Before turning bluish at the gum margin the gums at the crown margin may turn red and bleed. Healthy gums do not bleed either with or without crowns, bridges or veneers.