Personal Injury

Auto Accidents

If you have been injured in an automobile accident and you have suffered a Serious Injury, you may be entitled to sue for your Personal Injuries, Pain and Suffering and other economic losses. Soreness and pain often are signs of an underlying serious injury and can only be detected by medical testing a month or more after the accident. Insurance companies know this and often offer an injured party a minimal settlement shortly after an accident to avoid paying an appropriate amount once the true injuries have been determined. Do not accept any settlement for personal injuries or sign a release prior to contacting our office (516)599-2020 or

When you seek medical attention be sure to inform the doctors that your injuries are related to an automobile accident to ensure that your medical bills are covered by the appropriate No-Fault Insurance coverage, failing to do so may result in a medical lien against money that may be awarded to you.


Construction Accidents

I fell at work and injured myself what should I do? If you are a construction worker, heavy equipment operator, sub-contractor or truck driver and have fallen off a ladder or scaffolding or have been injured in any way you may be entitled to full compensation. There are many regulations and statutes that must be followed while on a construction site, if the owner of the site or the general contractor violates any of those regulations or statute you may be entitled to compensation. You may also be entitled to Workers’ Compensation Benefits, Disability Insurance, Union Benefits and to sue for your Personal Injuries, Pain and Suffering and Disability. If you have been inured you should contact our office (516)599-2020 or email as soon as possible to discuss your claim.