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Chianese & Reilly Law is a New York law firm with more than 40 years of specializing in representing patients in dental malpractice cases. Our dental malpractice lawyers, headed by Albert Chianese and Thomas Reilly have helped numerous clients get the justice and compensation they deserve. Our top 29 successful dental malpractice cases have resulted in compensations of hundreds of thousands to multimillion dollars. One of our successful cases has become the largest reported verdict for a dental malpractice case in the state of New York.

Each dental malpractice lawyer at our firm is ready to help you navigate the malpractice litigation process should a careless, avoidable dental accident out of your control occur. When your dentist makes a mistake, our dental malpractice lawyers are there to be your advocate and fight for the justice and compensation you’re entitled to. Our experienced dental malpractice lawyers Thomas Reilly and Albert Chianese, as well as our other dental malpractice lawyers in New York City have successfully won dental malpractice cases concerning:

  • Unnecessary tooth loss
  • Improper restorations
  • Severed and paralyzed alveolar and lingual nerves
  • Improper bridgework and root canals
  • Undiagnosed infections and gum disease
  • Permanent paralysis of lips and face


Albert W. Chinese has tried numerous cases to a jury verdict in the following areas of practice.  Our firm has a particular emphasis in representing patients in dental malpractice matters.  We are available for a free office, hostpital or home consultation.

“Thank you so much for making our second parent adoption process as seamless as possible.  Your professionalism coupled with your genuine warmth and kindness meant so much to our family.” – Marlene



Albert W. Chianese

Founding Partner

Thomas P. Reilly


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Why Choose Chianese and Reilly Law for Your Malpractice Lawyer in NYC

Each dental malpractice lawyer in New York City at Chianese and Reilly Law devote personal attention to each client and his or her case and use their expertise to achieve the best possible outcome.  We’ll walk you through each step of your case and offer experienced, sound, legal advice, and prompt, transparent communication.

Additionally, our founding partners, Albert Chianese and Thomas Reilly and senior associate, Anthony Brown have been recognized as some of the top attorneys in the New York Metro area by Super Lawyers Metro edition. This means when you choose to work with the legal professionals at Chianese & Reilly Law, you can be sure your case is handled by some of the top malpractice lawyers in New York.

Our dental malpractice lawyers also represent clients in almost all areas of personal injury litigation including medical malpractice, family and estate law, auto accidents, personal injury and construction accident cases. Our veteran New York City malpractice lawyer, Thomas Reilly, has tried numerous cases to a jury verdict in each of these areas of practice.

If you think you have a dental malpractice or personal injury litigation case, contact us today to schedule a free consultation. Our NYC malpractice lawyers are also available for free hospital or home consultations.