Largest reported verdict for a Dental Malpractice case in New York State
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Dentist’s Failure to Diagnose infection Causes 7 Months of Surgeries and Missed Work

Our office recently settled a case at mediation for $712,500.00 on behalf of a Suffolk County man. As the result of the dentists failure to diagnosis an infection the plaintiff sustained an osteomyelitis of the mandible and was admitted to SUNY Stonybrook for surgery of the mandible. He lost the remaining implant 2 teeth and a significant amount of bone. He was discharged to home where he remained on IV antibiotics for two months. After removal from IV antibiotics the osteomyelitis reoccurred. He was re-admitted to SUNY Stonybrook for removal of more bone and reconstruction of his jaw with titanium plates. He was discharged to home for an additional 17 days of IV antibiotics. Eight months later he was admitted to LIJ Hospital for surgery to reconstruct his jaw with pieces of his Tibia and a wire mesh. As a result of the injuries he missed seven months of work.

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